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Altamoda Home - The FusionEclecticism, mutability, and the skill to break into the more essential scenery.

Fusion is just one of the meaning of Altamoda’s word: the one that shows its eclecticism, its mutability, and the skill to break also into the more essential scenery.

The manners, don’t lose the frivolous toque, that, in the past, it knew define each products like a truth and proper divertissement for furniture; now, a totally renewed palette starts to play, and it approaches white to beige, grey to black.

The tones fade out, and the fusion stands out: the founder act of a new – and ironic – minimalism.

The Living Room Experience

A new rhythm pervades the rooms: it is created by the light and dark of the chairs, it is underlined by the material differences, that, converging into the found space, they approach lacquering to glitter, moquette to velvet, wood to ceramics.

The modern globe trotter lives here; his continuous transit, finds a temporary quiet where design is made by contrast, and, the inexhaustible conflict of style regenerates again with new nuances.

The Bedroom Experience

The bedroom points out to colour. It makes this using dark red and amaranth, they dye the velvet, on the chairs, the lampshades and the pillows – with floral woof.

Traditional tones are able to obtain an intriguing effect, if they are coupled to the ivory neutral tint, that prevails on the quilt bedhead of king size bed, or to the cream tint, that predominates the wardrobe lacquerated doors, with black profile.

The chest of drawers and the bedside table, reveal the unsual presence of wood and its marblings.

A detail that remarks the new material approaches, realized by Altamoda.

Altamoda Home - Cult

Cult is the homage that, Altamoda, wants to make to the big screen. So, it reveals spaces with cinematographic appeal, where black is alternate to ivory, in order to design the scenography of a post- modern international intrigue. The spectators, for this unexpected set, are whom that look for style into sophisticated spaces; rooms are defined by the grace of the soft lines, that it appeas the rigour of fast tints, and it takes the distances from aseptic and lack personality styles. Oriental details overlook the painting and give shape to complements: this is are clues of plot with a multicultural implication, that the class of Altamoda’s direction, has refined, and transformed in a trend.

Experience the Cult

In the scenery, realized for the living room, the main protagonist is, undoubtedly, the sofa. Lined with soft black&white velvet, with a wide sitting and a back refined with gold gros grain, the sofa is the crucial point of relationship that use cosmopolitan language to tell surreal adventures. Decomposable modules are perfects to define new settings for the action, other social dynamics, or, simply, to give a new rhythm to the furniture of the house.

It defines the boundary of a world where, the rigorous concept of functionality, proper of each object, is smoothed by an absolute formal completeness.

The idea that beauty can’t be projected, is subverted, again, by Altamoda; it affirms, instead, evocative spaces where, the symbolic aim of detail, specifies the products’ purpose.

The beauty’s project undermines the consumption’s perspective determinate by employment, and, fixes new routes, drawn by taste

The bedroom become a contemporary boudoir, where, elegance, the rigorous and never shouted out one, gives life to totally functional spaces, that are scenography of a style completely free of excess; just made by inevitable details.

Peculiarity of vital importance, that, Altamoda, contains into its extra comfort wardrobe: a refined – and very practice – evolution of the idea of booth wardrobe.

Vintage floral prints, wind the pillows: soft and romantic concession to complete the round bed, with matelassé stuffing.

Altamoda Home - New Baroque

New Baroque is the stratagem used by Altamoda to affirm the stylistic exercise like a method to give shape to the actual living scenery. A voluptuous line designs the little bit snob profile of sinuous sittings, and, while the furniture becomes a post- modern Rubik’s cube, the table draws a new horizon of sense; the colour becomes a quotation of the dawn of design. So, involving the chromatic inspiration of the greatest designers, it realizes products capable to catch the design addict too.

Experience New Baroque

For Altamoda, the living room is, for ever, a centralizing of meaning.

For the umpteenth variation on the theme, it selected, for the sittings and the sideboards, the white, that is the extreme addition of all the colours; the approach is with orange and red, hot and shameless; they wind the large armchairs.

The eternal conflict between colour and no-colour, ends into a space that sublimes each part. The glitter has to exalt tints, while, brilliant floral details have to embellish consoles and chest of drawers.

To understand colour and its place into a context, the adoption of its shades; this can permit to catch what value we wants to give to things, their history and their art.

New Baroque is inspired by this concept as the main center of a mood, that it chooses fast tints, to explain the strength of furniture in scanning the rhythm of daily life: bright tones are used to exalt the ways of life.

Altamoda Home - Ken Scott``Home`` celebrates the visceral relationship with the fashion world.

HOME celebrates the visceral relationship with the fashion world, that animates the entire company project for ever, and proclaims the extreme confirmation; the furniture, took the manner of fashion , becomes a trend.

So, from this tailoring embryo, takes shape the new collection of stuffed and complements lined by the famous Ken Scott’s printed fabrics.

These flowers, prelude of a forthcoming modern wave, that, during the 60’s, wrapped the ethereal bodies of Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy, now, they play with the style, and they wind the voluptuous and vivacious chairs and accessories that Altamoda dedicates to the “ fashion gardener”. A hippy chic of flowers and nature exultation that re-create design flower-bed in our everyday spaces.

Experience the Ken Scott Theme